Safe on the road starts with a reliable partner in lighting!

As the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier, it is of extra importance to think about the right lighting for your car. Bad weather also creates difficult conditions on the road and it is therefore no wonder that in the dark, the chance of an accident is three times greater. Lampengrossier has been a partner of Bosma Lampen for 10 years now and we therefore offer our customers the best possible car lighting.

Bosma Lampen has been a household name in the car world for years and for good reason. Their wide range, high quality and network of partners make it so that you can't get around Bosma in Europe. But what makes Bosma a reliable partner in the field of car lighting?

Bosma Lampen

Bosma Lampen has specialized in light sources within the car industry for years and is therefore a beacon on European roads. The goal of Bosma has been clear for years: to deliver the highest quality, at a reasonable price, provide professional and friendly service and establish long-term partnerships. We at Lampengrossier can attest to that.


The years of experience that Bosma brings and the international team of professionals that it has at its disposal, make Bosma Lampen a reliable partner. That experience also leads to the composition of the best possible assortment and professional service.


Bosma has its own factories with the latest technology. This ensures that they have control over the quality of the products at every stage of the production process. But modern equipment alone doesn't cut it at Bosma. That's why they conduct thorough inspections during the production process, to ensure that you always receive the best products. Bosma also has the right European certificates to meet the requirements for car lighting.


Because so much attention is paid to the quality of the products, Bosma makes it possible to get a three-year warranty on these products. This ensures that customers are covered for the first three years in case anything goes wrong.

A reliable partner

With Bosma Lampen, Lampengrossier has had a reliable partner in the field of car lighting for ten years. Delivering high-quality products that ensure a safe driving experience is deeply ingrained in the DNA of both parties. In addition to car lights, we also offer Bosma products for in and around the car. Check out our webshop for more information about our Bosma offerings and further information about the supplier. Be visible and drive safely on the road.



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