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For your security and for certain functions of the website, we use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on, for example, your computer, tablet or smartphone during your visit to a website. Information is stored in this text file. This information can be recognized again by this website on a later visit. On this page you will find all the cookies we use and why. You can manage your consent to the use of these cookies via the Cookie Settings page. Here you have the option to withdraw your consent and delete the cookies. Please note, the information about the cookies may change from time to time, so we recommend that you check this page regularly for any changes.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used, for example, for a shopping cart, to remember a login or to record that other cookies may be stored. A website cannot function without these cookies.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to measure traffic on a website and are anonymised.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are used to identify the visitors of a website so that relevant information can be collected.

We also allow cookies from Google Analytics (the analytics.js variant), so that we can see, among other things, how many people visit our website and which pages are viewed most often. More information about Google Analytics cookies can be found on this page of Google.