Request for a Lampengrossier online dealership

As a Professional in the Automotive Sector, we would like to make you an offer.

We have special price agreements for our professional customers.

That means: the lowest price in our webshop + 10% extra discount

with 10 pieces 10% extra discount
at 50 pieces 10% extra discount
at 100 pieces 10% extra discount
promotional prices + 10% extra discount

Even with smaller numbers for e.g. special lamps or other voltages will give you an extra 10% discount.

Example 1:

H8 1 piece €8.35 - 10%

If you order 2 lamps, the price will be € 7.52 each.

Example 2:

21W amber bulb 501292

per 10 pieces € 0.90 - 10%

If you order 10 lamps, the price will be € 0.81 each.

All our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. and shipping costs.
Pay attention! First order minimum of € 100.00 excluding 21% VAT and shipping costs.
If you agree to the above conditions, sign up now using the form below.

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