Method of payment

You can choose from online payment via

  • iDEAL payment is made via Mollie
  • Paypal payment goes through Mollie
  • Credit Card runs through Mollie or PayPal
  • IBAN the amount is immediately debited from your payment account

Pay with Paypal or Mollie

You pay electronically via PayPal or Mollie.

You pay with your own email address and password.

You do not need to maintain a balance.

You can also use the Paypal or Mollie option to pay with your Credit Card.

You do not need to have an account with PayPal for Credit Card payments.

For more information, visit the PayPal website.

Pay with iDEAL

With iDEAL you can pay for your online purchases in a trusted, safe and easy way.

You pay in your trusted internet payment environment, based on specific security methods of your own bank.

As an internet banker you can immediately use iDEAL, without having to register for it.

You place an order on the Lampengrossier website.

When paying for the order, you can indicate that you want to pay with iDEAL.

You will then be guided by Mollie to your own bank where the payment order is ready for you.

You will be asked by your bank to fill in a number of details and you will authorize the payment.

The amount is immediately debited from your payment account and LAMPENGROSSIER B.V. is informed that the order has been paid.

The transaction will be registered with your bank as “Mollie LAMPENGROSSIER B.V.” are displayed.

Pay by Credit Card

If you choose to pay by Credit Card, your transaction will be handled through “Mollie” .

The transaction will therefore be shown as “LAMPENGROSSIER B.V.” on your account statement.


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