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30 days money back guarantee

If the products do not meet your expectations, you may return them within thirty days, provided they are in their original packaging. LAMPENGROSSIER B.V. will transfer the amount paid by the buyer within fourteen days. The buyer must also send the relevant invoice. A statement of the reason why the product does not meet your requirements is appreciated but not required.


If you cancel the order after the order has been sent to you, LAMPENGROSSIER B.V. you are forced to charge the shipping costs. All cancellations must be made in writing to LAMPENGROSSIER B.V. to be made known. This can be done by email or post. In any case, you must state your full name and invoice number in your written cancellation.


For the repayment of amounts already paid (in advance), we also need your bank account number. Customers outside the Netherlands must also state the IBAN and BIC/Swift number of their own bank.

Please note: the account number you provide for the repayment must be the same as the account number from which you send the payment to LAMPENGROSSIER B.V. did. This in connection with any fraud with refunds.


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