The street is now illuminated with LED lights

The street is now illuminated with LED lights (photo: Ton van de Ven).


The Trouwlaan in Tilburg has been without street lighting for two weeks. Despite numerous complaints filed with the municipality, the main road remains dark this weekend as well. Residents have taken matters into their own hands and hung lights to make the street safer.

Over almost the entire length of the Trouwlaan and several adjacent streets, the streetlights have not been working for days. The first reports date back almost three weeks. The Fixi app, an app for reporting issues related to public spaces, is flooded with complaints from residents about the lack of street lighting and the pitch-dark conditions. Complaints about the Trouwlaan have also come from surrounding streets.

"I bought 24 LED lights and taped them around the lampposts."

Ton van de Ven, a resident of the Trouwlaan, had had enough on Friday. "I went to myself, bought 24 LED lights, and tied them around the lampposts with tape." However, these lights will probably run out in two days as they are continuously on and battery-operated.

The Trouwlaan is a main road primarily used by cyclists traveling from the center of Tilburg to Stappegoor. "It's a really busy street. I'm not someone who complains easily or seeks publicity, but I don't understand why it has to take this long."

"Waiting two weeks for repairs is unacceptable."

Ton was told by the municipality that the complaints would be addressed within a maximum of five working days, but that the issues actually lie with the network operator. "But if the network operator Enexis is also given five days, then you're two weeks further. No lighting all that time and waiting for repairs is simply unacceptable!" Some residents of the Trouwlaan are also concerned that burglars have free rein due to the lack of lighting. "The municipality told these people to call the police, but why? They shouldn't have to," says Ton.

"Accidents are waiting to happen."

He is particularly concerned that accidents will occur in the dark street. "Cyclists often don't have lights, and cars don't always drive properly here. Accidents are waiting to happen." Ton also points out that the sidewalk is not in good condition everywhere. "If I almost trip in daylight, you can imagine how it is for older people like my 77-year-old mother when they walk the dog in pitch darkness."
According to Ton, the municipality should act as quickly as possible. "I'm going to the Action store later to get some lights so that you can at least see something. In the meantime, some lights have also been stolen." The municipality of Tilburg could not provide a substantive response on the broken street lighting on Saturday evening and said they would address it on Monday.

Written by
Collin Beijk / Omroep Brabant

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